Mt Field & Mt Roland, TAS

In April 2011, Dave’s parents came to Tassie for a trip over the Easter break. We spent Easter on The Tasman Peninsula, where we visited Port Arthur and the Coal Mines Historic Site. For more about that click here. After that, we did a trip to Mt Field to see the beautiful fagus. Got this on fagus from Discover Tasmania

Deciduous beech (Nothofagus gunii), or fagus, as it is best known, is Australia’s only deciduous tree. Endemic to Tasmania, it has a magnificent autumn (fall) display.

We stayed at Mt Roland in Cradle Mountain National Park. From there we drove to Mole Creek Caves, which were really amazing. They had glow worms!

On the way back to Hobart, we stopped on the way back (do to a bit of stealth apple picking) and I found these apples that are red on the INSIDE TOO. Mind blown.

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