A taste of Tasmania

Hello from chilly Hobart!

Don’t know about those of you in Brisbane, but I certainly had the heater cranked up here in Hobart and the hot drinks flowing. It was pretty much the perfect to stay in and blog.

I’ve been catching up on photos again, this time working on uploading more recent photos – since we moved to Tassie. So the next few blogs will be Tassie flavoured. And you’re gonna love em’.

To get yourself in the mood, check out this great YouTube clip created by a journalist in residence in Hobart.

If you want to check out my Tassie photos (from early 2011) in chronological order, do it like this:

I’ve been a busy bee. Now… off to have some chicken and leek soup and crusty bread for dinner. zàijiàn!

7 responses to “A taste of Tasmania

  1. Oh, that sounds so good, Kathleen!! I want to be there too enjoying chicken and leek soup and crusty bread while the chilly air shivers outside. I guess you’re enjoying your now-warmer flat. 🙂
    Love the video and of course, also love those images of yours . 🙂 xx

  2. Having looked at all your Tassie albums, the thing that stands out is how diverse the landscape is… and I bet there is still more completely difference places in Tassie.

  3. One thing that the video did miss was Doo Town. We loved that place and water was incredible.

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