Maryland, NSW

In a February post Changes (not the Tupac song) I mentioned that my parents were moving house. They bought a farm, on the New South Wales side of the border between QLD and NSW. The property is right next to Maryland National Park (in fact I think it borders the national park on a few of its sides). Mum, Dad and my little brother Rohan have moved in, after Mum and Dad sold my childhood home in the Brisbane suburbs. It’s super exciting!

Dave and I went up (with his parents) for our first visit on our trip to Brissie last week. It was about a 3 hour drive from Brissie, through the countryside. We drove over dirt roads and cattle grates and passed through the rabbit fence between QLD and NSW before arriving at their place. The house itself is perched on the top of a hill, with beautiful views down the valley to Killarney. It has a fireplace, tank water and the best bathtub ever.

We spent our two and a bit days on the property mostly playing in the apple orchid and the vege garden. And by ‘playing’ I mean cutting down bracken fern and picking off ticks. The farm belonged to an older couple and was then on the market for a few years before Mum and Dad brought it. So it was very overgrown when they arrived and they’ve been doing a lot of work to cut grass and overgrown weeds.

But seriously, the work is SO MUCH FUN. There’s something awesome about doing a physical days work, then eating a delicious roast chicken for dinner. Or baking a frittata with chook eggs from the pen. Or picking a basket of spikey bush lemons and getting to drink lemonade made from them. Or knowing that you’re working to clear out a patch for summer veges to be planted and grow.

It’s idyllic. I LOVED my time there and can’t WAIT to go back. Pity we’re about to move away for a year!

4 responses to “Maryland, NSW

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  2. Love the photo’s K. The frittata looks delicious. I hope Ro or Mum were taking notes so they can make it when we come up.

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