Moving to Hobart, TAS

In 2010, Dave and I finished our university courses in Brisbane and were keen to try the interstate move gig. We had visited Tassie back in 2008 and thought it was awesome. So when it came time to choose a new home and do the big move in 2011, it was where we decided to go.

People always ask us, ‘why Tasmania?’. A lot of younger people from Tassie are doing the exact opposite of what Dave and I did – they’re moving to the mainland to live (for jobs and uni and so on).

There were a few times when we questioned the wisdom of our decision… mainly when we arrived with only backpacks, no car and no jobs. We found it hard to get a rental with no jobs and hard to get jobs without a rental and we started to run out of money. Then there came our first Tassie winter… phew. What a bloody shock that was.

But Hobart just got under our skin and has stayed there. So naturally, we stayed here.

4 responses to “Moving to Hobart, TAS

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  2. Brilliant.
    It’s funny how much about our new life down here revolves around food! Stunning photos, as always Kat!

  3. My fav is K before coffee. Luv it! Such a Kathleen photo that I have to chuckle. I still love looking at the houses so don’t ever move from the Battery Point area or I will make you drive me around to see them instead of walking around. I was in old-house heaven.

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