Moving to Austin, TX

Well, we’ve had a busy few weeks! We’re moving into our new rental in Austin, so we’ve been driving around checking out new neighbourhoods and restaurants, and shopping on craigslist for new furniture.

We’ve also been enjoying the last of our time in the Zilker Park. I LOVE the Zilker Park area; there are loads of awesome places to dine out – Chuy’s Tex Mex, P. Terrys Burger Stand, Shady Grove and Green Mesquite BBQ. There is Barton Springs, where you can spend the day swimming or laze about in the sun. Or Lady Bird lake where you can hire a paddleboard and paddle the day away. I love sitting on the porch listening to Blue’s on the Green in Zilker Park. It’s an awesome neighbourhood.

for more, check out

I’m really glad that we got to spend our first 6 weeks in Zilker Park. The area is awesome, but it is also really close to South Lamar, South Congress (also both great places to hang out), and downtown eateries (/supermarkets) like Whole Foods.



I ADORE South Congress (or SoCo) and could spend ages there. It’s home to my favourite shop at the mo – Allen’s Boots, some fabulous thrift shops, restaurants, food trailers and bars.

We have also been starting to explore our new neighbourhood – Central Austin.


Our rental is in a really central part of town right near the University of Texas. We’re a bit away from the actual campus, which means our duplex is pretty quiet and doesn’t have loads of boozy undergrad parties happening every night (at least not that I know of). It’s nice a leafy street and has a grocer (and Australian PIE SHOP!!) right up the street.

In fact, the suburb profile of Hyde Park (which starts about 7 streets north of ours) is probably more like our place.

Hyde Park

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