The last of Austin summer fun

hey y’all,

I’m so sad to write this post – the ‘last week living in Austin’ post. *tear*. We’re currently staying in East Austin (moved out of our rental yesterday) in a vintage Airstream trailer, so I guess it’s a fitting place to be writing from.

can’t believe we’ve lived in this amazing city for a whole year. For a trip that was totally unorganised and quite the surprise, it has been one of the best years Dave and I have ever had. Sure it’s been hard and there were loads of times at the start when we wondered if it was ever going to work out. But we got through them and moved straight onto the fun.

In fact, most of our year has been a good combination of work and pleasure. The last few weeks are no exception. We’ve been crazy busy selling furniture on Craigslist (taking photos of everything, posting ads and waiting around for people to pick stuff up), selling the bike and the car, cancelling internet/electricity etc and just generally tearing down our Austin rental. Through that, we’ve tried really hard to keep the summer fun momentum and I think we succeeded (an endeavor which our friends have helped so much).

A month back I mentioned that Jamin took us to Two Ton Tuesday dancing in Gruene, which was a total hoot. Well a few weeks ago, our friends Emily and Eric took us out on his boat on Lake Austin. He has the best boat ever, and they taught us how to wake surf. It was awesome. I kinda sucked (but had heaps of fun), Dave and Emily both managed to strand up and Eric pretty much looks like he was born on a wake-surfboard (you can tell who he is in the photos because he’s upright and looking relaxed). haha

Then, just a couple of days ago Dave and I hired stand-up paddleboards and paddled Barton Creek to Lady Bird lake.

Austin really is the shizzle, I can’t even say this enough; Texas barbecue, frozen cocktails, Barton Springs, hot weather, paddleboarding, Tex Mex, bluebonnets, cowboy boots, live music and dancing – it has everything. And we were so lucky to be dropped into Dave’s work group – who all took us under their (respective) wings and showed us around, introduced us to other new friends and spread the love to a couple of Aussies who didn’t even know what queso was (let alone the sheer joy of Amy’s Ice Cream).

We fly out for London on Monday and if we didn’t have a lot to look forward to (i.e. getting hitched in France and buddymooning in Iceland) I’d be in a total funk about saying goodbye to Austin. But – I guess you just have to keep facing forward and be glad that you got the chance, right?

So for now it’s ‘bye y’all’ – it’s been a real pleasure.

xxx Kathleen 2

3 responses to “The last of Austin summer fun

  1. GIDDAY AUSTIN! This blog was very joyful and now the message is “See you both in France” please pack your Glad Rags O.K. luv the mountain folk of Ashglen MARYLAND xx

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