Wedding in France – 2 months to go

Hey y’all,

So it’s 55 days until our wedding! (I only know this because our wedding website has a countdown thingy on it.)

This has got to be the most organised we have ever been for a trip. Ever! Look at all those books and maps (representative of how organised we are). Dave has actually read through the entire Iceland book and post-it noted everything he wants to do. And today I’m looking into wine tours and lavender tours in France. I think the only thing that isn’t going well is our French. Je ne comprends pas!


Other than that, feeling pretty good. Well… as much as Australians living in Texas, trying to organise a wedding in the south of France, in a town they’ve never visited, in a language they don’t speak, making plans online – can actually feel organised.

Anyway, off to look at wine tours and use google translate to email people about them. What could possibly go wrong?! 😀

xxx Kathleen 2


One response to “Wedding in France – 2 months to go

  1. I’d love to go on the Lavender Tour!! Will check with Robyn B and Ross G. 🙂 No good me going on a wine tour – I’m a cheap drunk and I can’t bear to spit tasting wine out, not a good combination. 🙂 xx

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