Texas Bluebonnets

hey y’all,

This week we went on the hunt for Texas bluebonnets! If you don’t know what they are, or want instant gratification and must see them now… Click here or scroll further down and check out some of my photos. I grabbed these paragraphs from that website to give you a bit of background on Bluebonnets…

Lupinus texensis … the Texas Bluebonnet.  Standing just over 12 inches, the Texas Bluebonnet is a mighty big flower in the hearts of Texans.  No one can deny its beauty.  And as they worm their way through the cold Texas earth and raise their violet-blue heads to the expansive sky above, there is no denying that spring is just around the corner.

Each year sometime around January or February, the same questions begin to form on every Texan’s lips.  When will the bluebonnets bloom? Where are the best places to see the bluebonnets? And will it be a bumper crop this year? But as all Texans know, these questions aren’t easily answered.  Bluebonnets are as free-willed and independent as the people who love them.

We don’t believe any other state flower has carried on a stronger or longer-lasting love affair with its people than that of the Texas Bluebonnet.  Texans are fierce about their state flower.  So fierce that a 70-year debate simmered in the Texas Legislature while different factions battled it out for which species of bluebonnet would become the official Texas state flower (TexasBluebonnetSightings.com).

They actually aren’t that hard to find in and around Austin this time of year. I was ranting about them to Dave; how desperate I was to see them and find lots, yadda yadda. Then, the next day he sent me a photo on our phone of a whole field of them at his work.

We went on Saturday for a day trip into the Texas Hill Country in the pursuit of a larger field… and found JUST what we were looking for at Wildseed Farms. There you can just wander through the beautiful field of bluebonnets for free (while trying not to get stung by bees)…

It was beautiful!


3 responses to “Texas Bluebonnets

  1. Lovely photos! Love those Bluebonnets too – they look totally different to what I imagined (very Texan, not like the pale, little English flower I imagined lol) 🙂

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