Bye Brissie!

Hoow-dyyy from Texas!

We’re back in the US this week after a total roller coaster 2 months. I’ve got a Queensland tan and Dave’s got an Antarctic sleeping problem. Well not really, but he’s still got this weird night shift awakeness/alertness-in-middle-of-night thing going on.

I checked out his photos this week and they are so amazingly beautiful. Perhaps we can line him up for a guest blog sometime to show a few off? 😉 That or he should sell them for lots of money. I showed him my Tassie/ Torquay/ Maryland/ Queensland photos, which were not quite as pretty (I had the point-and-shoot camera). But they are so filled with good times and love that they totally kick butt.

Anyway, I’ve attached a couple of snapshots from Brissie. Just random photos I took walking around Paddington (the suburb where I was staying with my Nan) and Brisbane city. It’s a weird feeling – being a tourist in the city you grew up in, but I guess that’s what I am since we haven’t lived there for three years. Looking at these, it’s not a bad place to call home!

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