A blog celebration!

Hey y’all,

Great news, my blog has just turned 1! And it’s had nearly 7,000 hits!

Okay, so that’s not youtube viral, but it’s waaaaay better than I ever expected. I actually thought I’d be hard pressed getting my mum to read it, but she does (thanks Mum!).

I also put Dave under the pump big time today and he swears it isn’t just him, though he did admit to clicking on it a few times a week. He showed me how to visit my site stats and I was super excited to see that he isn’t my only fan.

In fact, check out the awesome people of the world who visit my site!


Thanks for your blog support people! Or in other words – Tangkiu, Hvala, xièxie, Dank je wel, Ta, Grazie!!!

Love from Kathleen

5 responses to “A blog celebration!

  1. Hello Darling
    I clearly remember you had just commenced your BLOG when we were in Hobart last year, you have written many interesting articles since then. Delighted to see you so happy with your thousands of new readers, you and Sheryl can both write interesting stories Kathleen. Look forward to your next reporting Mrs. Anthropologist.

    with love

    Mum ☺ xx

    Date: Thu, 19 Sep 2013 02:14:00 +0000
    To: susankelly14@hotmail.com

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