What the hell is Demolition Derby?

On the weekend, we went to something which I was pretty sure I was never going to attend in my whole life. Mainly because I didn’t really even know they existed. It was a Demolition Derby.

So what is it you may ask? Well, it’s a contest in which drivers crash old cars into each other until only one is left running. That car is the winner.

It gets a bit more complicated than that (only slightly), because they have different categories of competition like American muscle cars, Asian cars, male drivers and female drivers.

In simpler terms it can be represented in an equation. Eski + beer + friends + trucks + barbecue + destroying old cars = Texan demo derby.

For some photos, click on Demolition Derby – Spicewood, TX under Destinations or click here.

4 responses to “What the hell is Demolition Derby?

  1. Hello Mrs Anthropologist
    Your great photos explain the event very clearly. I loved the guy standing on the post to get a better view, he does this with good balance.
    I would find this day too noisy for me, but you may well have completely enjoyed the experience. I hope you are practicing your driving in the BMW Kathleen, you must be allowed “L” plates over there? Kathleen it is not as hard as a Uni degree go out and practise and become a Driver with a Licence.
    Love Mum👯

    Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 03:26:37 +0000
    To: susankelly14@hotmail.com

  2. Did you see the Austin American Statesman ran a story about that derdy this weekend? It’s for suscribers, but since I recently suscribed, I can tell you it explains it’s very important for the local fire brigade that organizes it: they raise 20,000$ of their 150,000$ budget on that day! http://www.mystatesman.com/news/news/to-keep-the-engines-running-a-rural-texas-fire-dep/nZxt5/?icmp=statesman_internallink_textlink_apr2013_statesmanstubtomystatesman_launch
    The article also emphasizes the fact most small rural towns in Texas want to keep independent and do everything they can to finance temselves… including demolition derby!!

    • Hi Cecile. Thanks for your message!

      I read the first bit of that article, it looks very interesting. I like hearing stories about people in small towns getting together in order to bring in money and support for the community. I think it’s very sweet because it shows their desire for money, but also their desire to be part of their home town and showcase this to the wider community. I would like to live in a community like this one day!

      I lot of smaller towns in Tassie (where we live in Australia) could benefit from a derby, because they rely heavily on the tourism industry (which can fluctuate quite a bit, especially in the winter months) and I think they have realised the importance of local tourism as well (the local tourists aren’t as put off by the cold).

      How do the smaller towns in France stay afloat during the winter? Do many of the operate ski fields, or does winter tourism boom there?

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