Krause Springs and college football

“After two weeks, several (dozen) fights, a day of waiting for the AT&T contractor to show up, 5 metres of cable and a trip to the home depot in a thunderstorm – we finally have the internet connected at home.
Bloody hell David – we made it.”

This was my facebook post on Wednesday after getting the internet connected at our new rental. Suffice to say, I am glad to have it. But I’m also faaaaaarrrr behind in blog land, because while the internet might have stopped for a few weeks… life here did not.

A few Saturdays ago, we went for a trip to the beautiful Krause Springs in Spicewood, Texas. Click here for that goodness.

Last week we went to the pub to watch our first (ever!) American college football game. It was awesome. The atmosphere was unreal; big screens, people packed out in team colours singing their team anthems, yelling and drinking beer. It was pretty much everything I’d hoped it would be.

Then, the very next day we actually attended a college football game. OMG! It was a home game for the Texas Longhorns, Dave’s UT team (UT =The University of Texas). We went to a shop on campus and bought all this UT crap (urgh, merchandise) and got all hyped up about it. It was ah-freakin-mazing. Imagine… 100,000 people in a stadium… the vast majority of which supporting one team… listening to the Texas Longhorn marching band, eating Texas bbq (well I was, and frankly everyone should have been). WOW.

3 responses to “Krause Springs and college football

  1. Wow, that band looks huge! It is funny how many people are on the field as they wouldn’t allow that many on the field here for a footy game. It really is a show isn’t it.

  2. It was one huge show. Pretty much everything that happened was designed to be entertaining – a huge (HUGE) band; a 2nd huge band; gigantic flags; a Texas Longhorn cow; a serious real life cannon; which they shot randomly and scared the cheerleaders; cheerleaders doing flips; and don’t forget, Mexican waves! It was a spectacle!

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