Tassie’s winter secrets

Mt Wellington from Battery Point

Mt Welly from Battery Point

Happy Wednesday! I hope you’re having a great day. It’s been another coldy in Hobart today; when we walked to work this morning it was 5°C (the weather bureau said that the apparent temperature was 2.3°C)! Brrrrr!!

I have been known to have a tempestuous relationship with Tassie in winter.

On one hand, the short days and prolonged months of cold weather make me cranky. I get sick of living in my down jacket, and wearing tights to work everyday. I get sick of seeing Dave in his puffer jacket, day in day out, for months on end. I get sick of high heating bills and having cold feet.


Tassie is especially beautiful in winter; the air is crisp and clean, you wake up to foggy windows and Bridgewater Jerrys. You can snuggle up in bed or on the couch in front of a roaring fire… with a blanket… watching a movie… eating soup… or drinks LOTS of hot drinks… whatever.

You can grab a boogie board and go boarding at the top of Mt Wellington in the snow (it costs nothing). You can hire a cabin in Cradle Mountain; sit drinking whiskey while overlooking spectacular views and snow-covered possums running by.

You can also go skiing at Ben Lomond National Park – I haven’t done that yet, but am super excited about doing it when we get back from Texas.

I think winter is a great time to tour around Tassie. Since it is the low season, accommodation and touristy things are cheaper. My brother came down last winter and went on a tour that had two for the price of one tickets. That’s a mega saving. Plus, the sights aren’t as busy so you don’t have to queue.

There are events on like The Dark MOFO festival at MONA (10 days of art installations, bands, food and a nude solstice swim!), The Festival of Voices (“Tasmania’s leading winter cultural event”) and Chocolate Winterfest (need I say more?). (I haven’t been to those three, so can’t say what they’re like, perhaps someone might comment if they have been). 

OH, I nearly forgot – if you are really lucky on a winter visit to Tassie – you just might see the Aurora Australis (the southern lights). W.O.W.

Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis

Anyway, this week I’ve been working on more destinations! They are Tassie themed AND two are set in winter. So it’s a perfect suit for today.

Enjoy, Kathleen

2 responses to “Tassie’s winter secrets

  1. Love this post!!!! So many wonderful things to experience in the prettiest state in Australia (sorry, Queensland, you’re special too, but Tassie is extra special) 🙂

  2. fantastic pics Kat!
    can i just add, as a cranky “I’ve had enough of winter even though its not winter yet” tasmanian that you can actually experience all of the above in summer, and all in one day. though it won’t be cheap. it has snowed on mt welly on xmas day on more than 1 occasion in the last 10 yrs or so, and this xmas i’m hoping for snow and sun on alternate days as we’ll be living it up at cradle mt!

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